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2022 Program Agenda

 | by Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director, Environment Oregon

Each year, Environment Oregon sets out goals for the legislative session and beyond. In addition to helping us measure our progress, our program agenda lets decision-makers know which high-priority environmental items our members want us to tackle.

Spirit Mountain and its surrounding area in Nevada should be designated as a national monument

This Texas mountain range should become our next national monument

 | by
Johanna Neumann
Senior Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Energy

Rooftop solar is one of our best clean energy technologies. In the face of utility opposition, Americans across the country are standing up for putting solar on their homes — and winning.

 | by
Emily Rusch
Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network

Together, we can move states, and our country, beyond plastic.