Salem stores will soon be free of the plastic bags that pollute our oceans and threaten wildlife...

What do a member of Congress, a state legislator, a mayor, an artist and a straw-maker all have in common? They're among the dozen-plus Oregonians who have shared their passion and stories of action to reduce plastic pollution on our new website...

Kids in Portland got a fun, hands-on lesson in reducing plastic waste. On Aug. 11, Environment Oregon partnered with the Portland Children's Museum for "Plastic, Pollution and Protecting the Pacific,"...

Last year, over 60 million trips were taken on TriMet diesel-fueled buses. Soon these trips could be electric-powered. On Sept. 27, the TriMet Board of Directors approved the “TriMet Non-Diesel Bus Plan,”...

On Sept. 10, California took a big step toward the bright side of history.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans just sent a resounding message in support of one of our nation's most effective conservation laws.

They're used in products from non-stick pans to water-resistant clothing—and now these toxic chemicals are showing up in our drinking water.

With the country's Clean Cars standards at stake, Americans turned out to stand up for cleaner air and a more stable climate.

National wildlife refuges should be safe havens for wildlife—including wild bees.

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Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director, Environment Oregon

This week, the Oregon Legislature’s Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction gave climate deniers a platform to deny basic science.