Climbing at Smith Rock. Swimming in snow-melt in Wallowa Lake. Wading through tide pools in Ecola. Some of my favorite places to get outside and recharge are in Oregon’s state parks. I'd like to be able to get to these beautiful places with clean transportation. 

 | by
Morgan Folger
Director, Destination: Zero Carbon

In order to address climate change, the shipping industry must dramatically reduce global warming emissions by electrifying their trucking fleets.

Fewer than 6,000 gray wolves remain in the contiguous United States, but last year the Trump administration stripped the species of its endangered species protections. Now states are free to enact laws that allow the killing of up to 90% of their gray wolf population. 

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After 10 long days in a chrysalis, monarch butterflies break free, ready to spread their wings and take their first triumphant flight. But the world they fly into is increasingly toxic and unwelcoming.

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