Charge Ahead, TriMet

By Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director, Environment Oregon

Like hundreds of thousands of people in the Portland area, I take the bus almost every day because it's a convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving.

Unfortunately, all 683 of the TriMet transit buses currently on the road are powered by diesel -- a dirty, petroleum-based fossil fuel with toxic emissions that are harmful to the planet and public health.

There's no reason why our bus system has to rely on old 20th century technology when better, cleaner alternatives are ready to roll.

If TriMet moved to an all-electric bus fleet it would be the equivalent of taking 18,441 cars off the road for 12 years. That's great for our air, public health and preserving our quality of life on the planet. Electrifying our bus fleet is also a key step in moving toward a transportation system powered by 100 percent renewable energy, which will be necessary to stop the worst impacts of climate change.

Now is the time to take our bus system into the 21st century.

TriMet has said that they are in the early stages of developing a plan for a "possible transition" to an all-electric bus fleet. In fact, to test the technology, they just purchased five electric buses that will be on the road in Fall 2018.

That's why the time is right for us to weigh in and show TriMet that Portlanders are ready to charge ahead. Now is the time for bold action.

Please sign our petition and let TriMet know that you are 100 percent for a 100 percent electric bus fleet.