Environment Oregon Supports "Clean Energy Jobs"

By Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director

Across the country, people are reeling from the brutal impacts of fire and flood worsened by the changing climate. Until recently, scientists told us this was a problem our grandchildren would face. Yet, we are seeing impacts of climate change sooner than we predicted, and the rate of change we are experiencing is unprecedented.

As bad as things are today, we still have some time to stave off the worst, and we know exactly what we need to do: act quickly and boldly to reduce carbon pollution by 2050.

Unfortunately, the Trump Administration and Congress are refusing to act, so it’s up to states like Oregon to take the lead.

This February, Oregon lawmakers will be considering a proposal called “Clean Energy Jobs” that will establish a “cap and invest” program that sets a limit on Oregon’s global warming pollution and makes polluters pay for their emissions. That money is then invested into programs that further reduce global warming pollution.

We’ve seen a market-based approach to regulating carbon work in other states, and now it’s time to bring it to Oregon.

Big polluters are going to be fighting us every step of the way. If we stand together, we can do our part to ensure the cleaner, healthier planet we need. Our children and grandchildren will thank us.  

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