Last year, over 60 million trips were taken on TriMet diesel-fueled buses. Soon these trips could be electric-powered.

On Sept. 27, the TriMet Board of Directors approved the “TriMet Non-Diesel Bus Plan,” committing the agency to buy 80 electric buses over the next five years and adapting a plan for a zero-emission fleet by 2040. According to Environment Oregon’s report “Electric Buses: Clean Transportation for Healthier Neighborhoods and Cleaner Air,” a full transition to electric buses from TriMet could keep an average of 39,990 tons of pollution out of our air each year.

“Having the largest transit agency in the state commit to transitioning away from diesel buses to put us on the road to a zero-emission fleet is an exciting step for our health and our climate,” said Environment Oregon State Director Celeste Meiffren-Swango.

The next step towards a zero emission fleet is a TriMet Advisory Committee funding vote for the initial purchase.

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Photo: A diesel fueled TriMet bus in downtown Portland, Oregon. Credit: Steve Morgan via Wikimedia Commons