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New report: Oregon and nation are on the verge of a renewable future

Both Oregon and the nation have the capacity to build an energy system around clean, renewable resources, according to a new report released by Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center. The study comes as the Oregon legislature is considering House Bill 2021, which would require Oregon’s major utilities to supply customers with 100% clean electricity by 2040.

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Statement: Activist investors pick up third Exxon board seat

WASHINGTON -- After a surprise win last week, activist investors have picked up a third ExxonMobil board seat, according to reports. This development will provide additional leverage to press the oil giant to address growing concerns about climate change.

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Statement: Clean Energy for America Act advances in the Senate

WASHINGTON -- The Senate Finance Committee advanced the Clean Energy for America Act Wednesday. The bill introduced by Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and more than 20 colleagues would replace a patchwork of more than 40 energy tax policies with three categories of tax incentives for clean electricity, clean transportation and energy efficiency. The bill also eliminates subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear generation. 

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Poll: Oregonians represented by Rep. DeFazio rate climate provisions of infrastructure plan highly

A new poll released Thursday revealed support for President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal across the political spectrum in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District.

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Statement: Senate transportation bill includes key $350 million to fund wildlife crossings

The Senate Environment and Public Works committee will mark up a bipartisan transportation bill on Wednesday that includes $350 million for wildlife crossings, which would allow animals to safely traverse over and under roadways and access new habitat.