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Diverse Coalition Calls on City Council for Action on Eugene Bag Ban

Speaking to a room with citizens interested in helping move the effort forward, including Lane County Commissioner Rob Handy, speakers from Environment Oregon, Sierra Club, Bring Recycling, and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters called on the Eugene City Countil to move ahead with a ban on single-use plastic checkout bags.

News Release | Environment Oregon

Newport Moves Ahead with Bag Ban Ordinance

The Newport City Council decided Monday night to draft a city ordinance banning the distribution of single-use plastic bags, after hearing overwhelming support from citizens demanding that Newport take action against plastic ocean pollution.

News Release | Environment Oregon

Oregon can reduce oil consumption by 698 million gallons

A comprehensive strategy to get off oil can reduce oil dependence in Oregon by 698 million gallons; the oil savings from clean transportation and energy in Oregon alone is more than one and a half times as much oil as we could get by expanding dangerous deepwater drilling throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. Senator Jeff Merkley has joined the call to reduce oil consumption.