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Children’s book empowers kids to reduce plastic waste

The problem of plastic in the world’s ocean and its detrimental impact on marine wildlife has gained more attention in recent years. For the director of a local environmental non-profit, Environment Oregon Research & Policy Center, this provides a big opportunity to get people to connect the dots between the problem of plastic pollution and their own consumer habits. So, she decided to write a children’s book about it.

Our Kickstarter to educate kids about plastic pollution

By | Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director, Environment Oregon

Environment Oregon has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to self-publish “Myrtle the Turtle,” our children’s book about a young, adventurous sea turtle in the Pacific Ocean who mistakes a plastic bag for a jellyfish, and realizes she needs your help to keep her ocean home safe and beautiful.

Ten tips for reducing holiday waste

By | Celeste Meiffren-Swango
State Director, Environment Oregon

With the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and buy more than we need, for ourselves and for others. Here are ten tips for how you can help reduce plastic pollution and other waste around the holidays.

Plastic bag bans: a dozen cities and counting

By | John Ammondson

As concern about the impacts of plastic on our environment has continued to mount, city level bans on single-use plastic grocery bags have been sweeping across Oregon.

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The State of Recycling in Oregon

Since 2014, Oregon’s recycling rate has steadily declined, from 41 percent to 37 percent. Although Oregon’s recycling rate remains above the national average of 34.7 percent, the results are well below the state’s goal of achieving 52 percent by 2020 and 55 percent by 2025. Note that every single major county has failed to improve their reduction of waste since 2012. This downward trend will likely continue without serious investment and programmatic change.

Salem stores will soon be free of the plastic bags that pollute our oceans and threaten wildlife...

What do a member of Congress, a state legislator, a mayor, an artist and a straw-maker all have in common? They're among the dozen-plus Oregonians who have shared their passion and stories of action to reduce plastic pollution on our new website...

Kids in Portland got a fun, hands-on lesson in reducing plastic waste. On Aug. 11, Environment Oregon partnered with the Portland Children's Museum for "Plastic, Pollution and Protecting the Pacific,"...

Youth leading the way on polystyrene bans

By | John Ammondson

As the fight to protect our oceans and wildlife from plastic pollution gains steam and bans on polystyrene and other unnecessary sources of plastic pollution become more widespread, it’s inspiring and refreshing to see so many young people take the lead on protecting our planet.

News Release | Environment Oregon

New website features Oregonians fighting plastic pollution

As the problem of plastic in the world’s oceans and its impact on marine wildlife has gained more attention in recent years, Oregonians from different backgrounds have acted to tackle the problem. Today, Environment Oregon launched, “Oregonians Against Waste,” an online project to share the stories of these activists, elected officials, business owners, academics, and artists.